Digital Aggregator and Distributor Announces New Partnership with Samsung

originally published March 14, 2013

Adding another notch to its belt, the fast growing online VOD aggregator and distributor Syndicado is pleased to announce a new partnership with technology giant Samsung, for VOD and EST on multiple platforms.

The latest addition is sure to increase Syndicado’s broad base of top tier digital outlets in the United States, and even further expand its opportunities in other markets.

“Digital continues to grow at an incredible rate and not just in the US,” says Syndicado President Greg Rubidge. “While we continue to expand there, we’re forging new deals that give our clients not only international distribution but multi-device opportunities as well. Samsung’s unique dominance across mobile phones, tablets and connected TVs internationally was a natural fit for our long term distribution strategy.”

Syndicado’s  growing US and already established International reputations have allowed the distributor to gain a position as a player in the global digital aggregator fold.

The new deal allows Syndicado to sell (EST) or rent (VOD) its new releases and library of feature films, documentaries and TV series through Samsung’s Media Hub, with a current focus on providing content for the new Galaxy S™ and Galaxy Tab™ handheld devices.