Creator: Tim Wolochatiuk, Simcha Jacobovici, Robert Topol
Year: 2004
Duration: 8 episodes, 60 mins
Language: English

Betrayal! is an eight part documentary series that uncovers treachery at its best. Each story is better than fiction. Each tale is straight out of a Le Carre novel.

Betrayal! takes viewers inside a secret world of heroes and rogues, exposing men and women who betray their families, friends and nations for money, sex, ego or principle. For these people, the stakes are often greater than life itself, and the game is won by doing whatever it takes.

Betrayal! features exclusive interviews with key players in the drama – some of whom are telling their stories for the first time. Shot in a seductive film noir style, each episode intercuts stylish black and white recreations shot on film with the moody colour of the interviewees who lead us through the twists and turns in the plots of Betrayal!

From the three-time Emmy award-winning team at Associated Producers comes a documentary series with edges as sharp as their subject matter.