Children of the Prophet

Director: Sudabeh Mortezai
Year: 2006
Duration: 90
Language: Iranian

The mourning period MOHARRAM presents the religious highlight for SHIITE Muslims.
This film follows four different groups of people in today’s TEHERAN:
– For non-orthodox youngsters, the Moharram is mainly an opportunity to meet members of the opposite sex.
– A middle-aged woman and her female friends put their energy into the preparation of an enormous feast.
– Young religious men come closer to eachother during this major event,
ending in the DAY OF ASHURA – known for its traditional flagellation ritual
– The tragic background of Moharram: The death of Imam Hossein and his 72 companions comes alive through the vivid storytelling of an old Dervish


Children of the Prophet looks at the Moharram from the perspective of average citizens of Tehran.
People are careful but surprisingly open to talk about politics.
Now and then the friction between tradition and modern times raises a smile.


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