Evening Land

Director: Peter Watkins
Year: 1976
Genre: Independent
Duration: 110 min
Language: Danish
Cast: Patricia Bay Andersen, Helle Bo, Carsten Clante, Walther Preben Egeklint, Lotte Hilden, Frank Hummelgaard, Rene Jørgensen, Claus August van der Got

Evening Land presents fictitious events in the Europe of 1976, beginning with a strike at a shipyard in Copenhagen over the building of four submarines for the French navy: not only because the financially troubled management has proposed a wage freeze to secure the contract, but because it is discovered that the vessels can be fitted with nuclear missiles. At the same time, a summit meeting of European Common Market ministers takes place in Copenhagen, and a group of radical demonstrators kidnap the Danish EEC Minister in protest against the production of nuclear submarines in Denmark, and in support of the strikers’ demands. The Danish police not only brutally attack a demonstration by the strikers, they also locate and rescue the kidnapped minister, and capture or kill the ‘terrorists’.


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