Killing Girls

Director: David Kinsella
Year: 2009
Duration: 52 min
Language: English
Russia has the highest abortion rate in the world. Most Russian women have between two and ten terminations. In a country with no sexual education programme, late term abortions have become an acceptable form of dealing with teenage sexuality. Meet 16 year old Valentina. She didn’t even realise she was pregnant until her mother noticed. Nastja, 17, became pregnant after being raped. She’s too frightened to tell her parents. And Sasha, 16, has had over 20 partners in the last five years and is preparing for her first termination. All three girls pass through the same clinic, specialising in late term teenage abortions. We follow them as they enter the clinic and stay with them when they leave. But ‘Killing Girls’ is not just a documentary about abortion. It’s a story about moral and economic choices in today’s Russia. About values and consequences. And – above all – about three young girls facing the toughest decision of their lives.