Secrets of Burlesque

Director: Paul Barker
Year: 2014
Duration: 52
Language: English
Featuring interviews and performances with more than 20 leading burlesque artistes, ’Secrets of Burlesque’ takes a behind the scenes look at one of the most varied and creative forms of entertainment that there is. Burlesque as a form of entertainment has been with us since the Victorian era. It enjoyed immense popularity in the mid 1900’s, but by the 70’s had sadly almost died out. For sometime it looked like it may be lost forever until the turn of the century, since when it has seen a tremendous revival in popularity. Thoughburlesque shows can now be seen regularly at theaters everywhere, it still remains a relatively underground art form to the general public. To those that participate, however, it becomes an entire way of life that goes much further than the stage.
The documentary was filmed at the Hebden BridgeBurlesque festival and features performances and interviews with over 20 burlesque artistes including Anna Fur Laxis, one of the world’s leading performers. It also includes an interview with Boy George who talks about the influence that burlesque has had on him and his career. The program features a wide range of performances from comedy to sensual striptease, and shows how tremendously creative burlesque is as an art-form. It also looks at the entire subculture that surrounds the world for burlesque, from vintage hairstyles to stunning tattoos, and from getting started to selecting a burlesque name.