Six Days in Roswell

Director: Timothy B. Johnson
Year: 1998
Duration: 82 min
Language: English

In 1947, Rancher William T Brazel discovered what looked like a crashed alien spacecraft in Roswell, New Mexico. After reporting his find to Air Force Intelligence officer Jessie Marcel at the Roswell air base, the wreckage was reportedly flown to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. Some say it still exists there in Hangar 18 while others say its now at Area 51 in Nevada. Is this crash a figment of overactive imaginations? The U.S. Government isnt talking about it. But, lots and lots of people are… Did you know that a UFO sighting occurs somewhere every three minutes? If you have ever questioned whether real life is stranger than fiction, put your doubts behind you as the filmmakers who brought you the comedy hit Trekkies take on Roswell, New Mexico, the town famous for extra-terrestrial encounters and government cover ups. Richard Kronfeld lives in Minnesota and has dreamed for years of traveling to Roswell, New Mexico to research alien abductions and, maybe, even contact an alien intelligence himself. All his friends have moved on and accomplished things in their lives and Kronfeld sees this trip as a way for him to take action for once in his life. The cameras follow Kronfeld as he makes his pilgrimage to the shrine called Roswell. Spend six days in a rented Coachman with two dogs, a film crew, UFO experts and an overdose of alien abductees. Documenting the fanatic-like following that has sprung up around reported extra-terrestrial encounters, Six Days In Roswell is a record of one mans hilarious journey in search of the unknown and a journey in search of himself.