The Guggenheim & The Baroness

The Guggenheim & The Baroness – Trailer from Syndicado on Vimeo.

Director:  Sigrid Faltin
Year: 2004
Duration: 52
Language: German, English

Mr Guggenheim can never find a better or more faithful curator than you are. This whole building has been built for you and around you whether you know it or not. Or whether he knows it or not.” Frank Lloyd Wright to Hilla Rebay, August 9, 1945.

This is the portrait of Hilla Rebay, also known as “the Baroness”, who not only established the Guggenheim Museum but with it changed the face of modern art. Funnily enough forgotten until now, she was the woman behind Solomon Guggenheim, Frank Lloyd Wright and Wassily Kandinsky, just to name a few. She promoted the avant-garde who eventually became the most famous artists of their time.

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