No Heart Feelings

Duration 80

Director(s) Sarah Lazarovic, Geoff Morrison, Ryan J. Noth

Producer(s) Luke Bryant

Year 2010

Genre Indie

Rating NR

Country of Origin Canada

Original Language English

Mel (Rebecca Kohler) is frustrated with her life, her love and her career. But breaking up with her long-distance boyfriend (Jonathan Goldstein) sets her on course for an unexpected summer romance. Her roommate Chris (Steve Murray) is grappling with work and love, too. And the rest of her friends are anxious about their own jobs, futures and haircuts. No Heart Feelings is the funny tale of a group of friends navigating their way through life in the city.

Set in a vibrant Toronto over the course of a lazy, sun-dappled summer, No Heart Feelings is a post- post coming of age story, a laugh-out-loud meditation on what it’s like to be nearing the end of your twenties without kids, mortgage or direction in life.

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