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Elena (Variance Films/Syndicado) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $12,100 – Deadline




It is a bold plunge into painful memories, unasked questions and wounds still inflamed. It is, in short, crying in the form of a movie, but also an embrace of comfort. While trying to (re)discover the sister that died when she was only seven years old, director Petra Costa finds herself and, in part, her own mother. In the process, she involves the audience thanks to her openness, which allows us to glimpse, in melancholy, the journey of a young and talented director toward the catharsis that will require so much pain to occur.” – 



Brazilian actress and filmmaker Petra Costa searches for her older sister, as well as herself, in the beautifully poetic, hypnotic and intimate Elena.” – This Week In New York 




” Elena is an intimately beautiful film that challenges each of us to reflect on our own lives while discovering truths about family, sadness, acceptance and rebirth.” – The Huffington Post




“Elena” as a study in allusion, emotion and ultimately, perhaps even a challenge to the way in which we conceive of the cinema altogether.” – Indiewire

Indiewire’s interview with Producers Tim Robbins and Fernando Meirelles


Shot like a dream, spoken like an elegy, it takes nonfiction where it seldom wants to go – away from the comforting embrace of fact and into a realm of expressionistic possibility.” – Indiewire



“With its free-floating imagery, “Elena” unfolds like a cinematic dream whose central image is water, which symbolizes the washing away of grief. But more than that, it represents the stream of life, with beautiful images of women floating through time.” – NY Times



This haunting and dreamlike cinematic essay is filmmaking at its most personal.” – The Hollywood Reporter




An homage to the beloved older sister cowriter-director Petra Costa lost when she was 7-years-old, Elena is a detailed anatomy of grief—and a poetic tribute to life, love, and the transformative power of art.” – The L Magazine




A pained and gorgeous summoning, Petra Costa’s haunted doc Elena dances with death, memory, and family, seducing viewers and then breaking their hearts.” – Village Voice




This personal documentary by the Brazilian filmmaker Petra Costa unfolds a story of grief and thwarted promise with expressive urgency and thoughtful restraint.” – The New Yorker