Director: Mark Phinney
Year: 2015
Genre: Drama
Duration: 92 mins
Language: English
Cast: Mel Rodriguez, Ashley Lauren, Jason Dugre, Charlene Amoia, Joanne Verbos


Ken won’t change his ways. Addicted to food, Ken is in bad health, and is headed to an early grave. Despite getting help and advice from his friends and doctors, he does what he wants, when he wants, until a chance encounter with love that might just give him the motivation he needs to save himself.

FAT is a gritty, dramatic look at weight and food addiction. It is an unflinching story based on Mark Phinney’s own experiences and writings. Shot on location in Boston, FAT is a low – dough, independent, real-life look at depression, eating, and the toll it takes, from damaging ourselves, to damaging those around us. Dealing with body image on real terms, FAT gets away from the sitcom, and reality television world of overeating.

Starring Mel Rodriguez (Better Call Saul, The Watch, Malcolm in the Middle, NYPD Blue, The Terminal, Little Miss Sunshine)

*Opening Theatrically in the USA and Canada November 5, 2015*


Fat — From Boston-bred comedian/debut filmmaker Mark Phinney comes a low-budget, Boston-filmed labor of love that does exactly what it sets out to do: Provide a sympathetic but brutally honest portrayal of what it’s like to love food more than life.”
-Ty Burr, Boston Globe

“Phinney laid his his life bare and didn’t flinch, and neither does Fat’s star Mel Rodriguez (Community, Running Wilde) in his performance.”
-Nathalie Atkinson, National Post

Fat features a utterly ballsy performance by Mel Rodriguez, and is as frank a portrait of morbid obesity as has ever been brought to the screen (Matthew Bonifacio’s “lbs.” of 2004.) Rodriguez lays it all on the line about the obsessive eater — the self-loathing, the addiction, the regret, the hopelessness — and while the whole thing is a bit relentless, it’s a brave, brave movie.”
-John Anderson, IndieWire

“Breaking the mold, the feature directorial debut from Mark Phinney, simply titled Fat, has a pseudo-documentary aesthetic resembling this familiar genre, but is guided by a fearlessness that appears entirely foreign.”
– Caitlin Coder, IONCinema

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